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1. What does NOW WE’RE TALKING (= Virtual Professional (VP) have to offer?
The VP offers flexible hours in tailor made event support which will save a team time in which they can focus and work more energetically on company growth and team development.

2. What does flexible mean?
Flexible means that you have the possibility to scale between the packages when needed, you have a trial period and flexible terms of notice. Minimum risk for an organization.

3. What is the difference between your VP-services and the services of a freelancer and/or interim person?
The difference is the flexibility by monthly scaling of hours, the trial period and the flexible terms of notice. A VP works in the background from a virtual office and can be your background stability base as from a few hours a week.

4. Why flexible scaling and not working on a project base principle?
See question 2. Working on a project base means you have no trial period, no flexible terms of notice and no scaling. On project base you have a fixed price per month; the VP-price per month is based upon your needs for that specific period and can be changed per month.

5. If I hire you, what are my advantages?
A VP in the background offers your team flexible professional continuity of the daily activities so your team can focus more on organizational development and growth as well as their own development. This will give a more professional effect towards your in- and external customer and you will have a more satisfied team. Your monthly overhead cost will drop because of the hiring of a flexible variable package per month. For a company this flexible solution has a minimum risk.

6. How can I check your progress? How do I know if the declared hours are correct?
Before signing the contract, clear work arrangements are made to meet both expectations. Once a week or twice a month there will be an online work meeting via Skype/phone and if possible, once per quarter a live meeting. The VP keeps an up-to-date hour register which is available upon request.


1. Is it possible to hire the VP for more than 11 hours a week?
Of course this is negotiable. The VP complies to the tax rules which imply that the VP should be able to work for at least three different clients on a yearly base. These extra hours should also fit in the VP’s planning of that particular period. It is important to discuss this as early as possible.

2. What will happen if we would like to go for more hours and the VP is fully booked?
Planning up front helps and discuss your needs as soon as possible. As soon as there is space, it will be implemented.

3. Is it possible to take 5 hours extra in one particular week?
This is possible if it is just a one-off and the VP’s planning allows these extra hours. These hours will be marked as overtime and will be charged against the hourly rate and settled in the next month. If overtime is structural the advice is to go for another package with more (cheaper) hours.

4. How often can I scale between the packages?
You can scale up or down whenever you like as long as it is indicated in writing before the end of each month. In case of taking a larger (more hours) package and to prevent disappointments, this should be discussed in relation to the VP’s planning of that particular month.

5. Is it also possible to book Package I (Basic support) for 48 hours (like in package 5)?
Yes, this is possible if you only need basic support. The hourly rate will be the same as the one of package 5, so cheaper.

6. Will the hourly rate drop if I take more than 48 hours a month?
To realize the sales targets it is important for the VP to stick to the same hourly rate. The answer to this question is therefor ‘no’.

7. What happens if the hours are in between the borders of the packages?
When structural, the VP will discuss this. A proposal can be to scale to another suitable package. If not structural, the overtime will be charged against the hourly rate.

8. The package prices are expensive.
The hourly rates meet the market sector in the Netherlands. With the flexibility to scale between the packages based on your needs and the flexible terms of notice, a company will have no risk. The VP covers all risks. If you take this into consideration, the VP is probably in productivity per paid hour cheaper. Overhead costs are also on VP’s account.


1. What is the contract duration?
The contract duration is one year with a 3-month trial period. Within the trial period you can end the contract, in writing, at each moment. The Terms of Notice outside the trial period is one month and needs to be done in writing before the end of the month. After one year, without written termination, the contract will tacitly be prolonged.

2. The contract mentions that the VP can make use of a replacement and is entitled to hire third party services. I want only you, is that an option?
This can be discussed. The VP will explicitly inform the client when she does not have the expertise for the requested tasks. Together with the client a solution will be discussed.

3. Are you prepared to sign a confidentiality document?
The VP is willing to do this. See also article 5 in the contract & conditions.

4. How will the VP handle the competition clause?
The contract has no competition clause. The VP works with a duty of confidentiality, see article 5 of the contract. Furthermore, the VP will only work within one discipline (e.g. hotel, travel or event company) with only one client at the same time.

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