NOW WE’RE TALKING offers five packages with different hours & prices and flexible scaling between the packages:


First step

10-12 hrs a month | approx. 3 hrs a week
Basic support ongoing projects*


Let it go

17-21 hrs a month | approx. 5 hrs a week
Basic support ongoing projects & start-ups*


Give control

25-29 hrs a month | approx. 7 hrs a week
You want more than basic support.
Improve working processes, sparring partner*


go for comfort

32-37 hrs a month | approx. 9 hrs a week
Full-scale support, implementing work processes & communication*


now we’re talking

41-46 hrs a month | approx. 11 hrs a week
All you need on travel & event support*

*The package content is flexible and will be defined in a contract.

Security of tailor made support, an independent worker, flexible scaling and terms of notice, regular online meetings, a sparring partner and available time sheets. Interested?