Flexible hours & work2livelife are two topics which will make a difference in your daily work environment. Take the first step in building tailor made support around your team.

Your team has got more than enough work. Sales leads are not followed up, productivity could be better, organizational & team development as well as digitalization are minimal or put back. It worries you thinking about the never ending high workload, sick leaves and time investments in team education & innovation.

What would it take to get rid of this anxiety and all-hands-on-mentality? Get the smile back on the faces of your team members and focus on what is needed to develop and grow again? NOW WE’RE TALKING facilitates organizational development by taking care of your daily event tasks from a virtual office which allows you and your team to get your hands and mind free and start doing what is really necessary; the development and growth of your company and your team.

NOW WE’RE TALKING offers five packages with different hours & prices and flexible scaling between the packages. Security of tailor made support, an independent worker, flexible scaling and terms of notice, regular online meetings, a sparring partner and available time sheets. Interested?