If you look back at your walk-of-life and its increasing challenges to get all your to-do’s done in 24h, it is NOW time to do a 24h-rescheduling and take the first step in building work around your life.


Living in different and sometimes more relaxed cultures, finding a flexible work environment which can travel with me, the aim to work with pleasure, to invest in personal growth and a work-to-live-life mentality has lead to the founding of NOW WE’RE TALKING, a tailor made event support company.

my Mission

NOW WE’RE TALKING commits itself to improve the work-life balance by integrating its event expertise, on a tailor made base, into an existing team.

Its aim is to maintain or improve the desired quality & service towards the in- and external customer in times of personnel shortage or high workload and at the same time guarantee the worker’s well being and a continuous organizational & personal development and growth.

My Values


Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.
— Simon Sinek, Author

who am I

Gerdien Voorneveld, a traveller in the purist form who travelled by Landrover through Africa in 1997 without any digital communication methods. After working as an event manager, team lead of a support department and my private challenges as a mother and ‘expat-wife’, I still keep my feet on solid ground. I love to explore new challenges, take great care of people and am active in all kinds of sport activities. Together with my 20+ years of experience I now continue my adventure as a virtual professional in the area of travel & events.  

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